Prepare for your driving lessons

If you have already engaged a private driving instructor in Singapore, you can begin your driving lessons. If you have not, you can consider to learn driving from them. Sglearntodrive is a private driving instructor match up agency in Singapore. They are working with some top class private driving instructors who are able to give quality driving lessons to learners.

As a learner driver, you should make the most out of the lessons. Even if you have engaged the best private driving instructors, you will not get the most value out of it if you are not concentrating on the lessons. You should be adequately prepared for the lessons. First of all, you should be familiar with all the basic driving theories such as slowing down when approaching the pedestrian crossing. Knowing these stuffs beforehand will save you a lot of unnecessary time wasted for the reminders and theory coaching during the practical lessons.

Secondly, you should have some questions in mind ready to ask the instructor during the lessons, especially the first ones. Before the driving lessons, you should take a few minutes to mentally picture that you are driving on the road. During this mental session, you will think of some things that you are not sure of. If you know that you will encounter some issues during driving, you can clear them with the instructor at the start of the driving lesson, instead of checking with the instructor in the midst of the lessons. This will save you additional time to upgrade your driving skills. Of course, you will definitely have more questions to ask the instructor during the lessons as some issues occur impromptu when you are driving.

Thirdly, have a good meal and please go to the washroom half an hour before the driving lesson. You do not want to feel weak from hunger or to waste time going to the washroom in the midst of your lessons. Treasure your driving lessons with your driving instructors.

Grading your private driving instructor

Grading your private driving instructor. Does that sound weird?

Well, read what I have to say. We know that private driving instructors are the teachers in the car. They are there to guide us to improve our driving skills. They should be the one observing and grading us. How can it be the other way around?

Instead of this one way grading, I find that it is best to have a two way grading instead. You will need to observe your private driving instructor, and analyze if he is good enough to continue teaching you. Some private driving instructors are awesome – they can point out the learners’ mistake fast, and enable the learners to pick up driving techniques in a short amount of time. Other driving instructors may not be as efficient and effective.

There are some things you can look out for in the Singaporean private driving instructors. Firstly, you will need to observe his teaching attitude. Is he enthusiastic during the driving lessons? Is he pointing out your mistakes often during the driving lessons? Make sure that your driving instructor is as interested in the driving lesson as you are. Secondly, observe if the instructor is able to answer your questions. You will need the correct answers for your questions. If you find your instructor having trouble answering them, it means he is not knowledgeable and skillful enough. Thirdly, is your private driving instructor looking sharp during the driving lessons? Aside from you, the instructor also needs to be mentally sharp so that he can guide you well on the road. If he is feeling fatigue, he will not be able to perform to the best of his teaching abilities.

If you see any driving instructors breaching the three requirements above, you will need to look for a new private driving instructor. Remember that there are many instructors out there for you to choose.

Finding private driving instructors in Singapore

Finding private driving instructors in Singapore is not difficult. You will just have to do a little research.

There are many ways that you can do it. The easiest way is to research the information online. Go to search engines and type “private driving instructors in Singapore”. I am sure you will be able to find a few pages of search results pointing to websites containing information about the instructors. Most of these websites are owned by private schools. While some private driving instructors may be working under the private schools, others prefer to remain a freelancer.

You can find a lot of details about the private driving instructors in these websites. Some important things to take note include the pick up point, the instructors’ leaners’ first time passing rate, and the fees charged by the instructors. Each instructor may charge a different fee from the others.

Some private schools and instructors have their own social media pages too. For instance, Sglearntodrive, a private driving school in Singapore, has their own twitter link here.

Through their websites and social media pages, you should be able to get as much information as you need to make an informed decision.

You can also try to source for information offline. However, in my humble opinion, you can skip that. The information found online will be sufficient for you to make a decision.