Grading your private driving instructor

Grading your private driving instructor. Does that sound weird?

Well, read what I have to say. We know that private driving instructors are the teachers in the car. They are there to guide us to improve our driving skills. They should be the one observing and grading us. How can it be the other way around?

Instead of this one way grading, I find that it is best to have a two way grading instead. You will need to observe your private driving instructor, and analyze if he is good enough to continue teaching you. Some private driving instructors are awesome – they can point out the learners’ mistake fast, and enable the learners to pick up driving techniques in a short amount of time. Other driving instructors may not be as efficient and effective.

There are some things you can look out for in the Singaporean private driving instructors. Firstly, you will need to observe his teaching attitude. Is he enthusiastic during the driving lessons? Is he pointing out your mistakes often during the driving lessons? Make sure that your driving instructor is as interested in the driving lesson as you are. Secondly, observe if the instructor is able to answer your questions. You will need the correct answers for your questions. If you find your instructor having trouble answering them, it means he is not knowledgeable and skillful enough. Thirdly, is your private driving instructor looking sharp during the driving lessons? Aside from you, the instructor also needs to be mentally sharp so that he can guide you well on the road. If he is feeling fatigue, he will not be able to perform to the best of his teaching abilities.

If you see any driving instructors breaching the three requirements above, you will need to look for a new private driving instructor. Remember that there are many instructors out there for you to choose.

Tutorial on getting your driving license in Singapore

Thinking of getting your driving license in Singapore?

You have come to the right place!

I’m a Singaporean, and I have obtained my driving license in Singapore. I will be able to give you an accurate and complete guide on getting your driving license in Singapore.

There are three tests everyone have to pass in order to be rewarded with the Singapore driving license. Two tests are theory tests, and one practical test.

The first step is to go to any driving schools in Singapore to register for a driving learner account. The driving schools are namely Ubi Comfortdelgro Driving Center, Singapore Safety Driving Center, and Bukit Batok Driving Center. Go to their admin counters to register for a driving learner account. With that, you will be able to book your first test – the Basic Theory Test.

After you pass this test, you can register for the next theory test which is called the Final Theory Test. Right at this juncture, you can apply for your provisional driving license as well. With the provisional driving license, you will be able to take driving lessons. To highlight this point again – you can prepare for your final theory test and take your driving lessons at the same time.

When you pass your final theory test, you will be cleared to book your practical test with the Singapore Traffic Police. On average, learners take about fifteen to twenty-five lessons before they feel confident enough to go for the Practical Test. This entire timeline from start to end should take between four to six months. A huge determining factor will be the waiting time for each test.

If you have any queries, please leave a comment here.

Good luck.