Check out social reviews of private driving instructors

Almost everyone between the age of 18 to 40 in Singapore surfs the internet. It’s a social norm to search for online reviews before people makes their purchases. I have personally searched for online reviews via the following channels:

1. Facebook
2. Google
3. Singapore forums

You can check out reviews of some instructors and driving instructor match up agencies like SG LEARN TO DRIVE in their Facebook page. Some even have their own twitter and Tumblr page as well. You can observe the responsiveness of the instructors and agencies in their own social media page. Responsiveness tell tales about their attitude.

There are also some independent review sites. However, you need to be careful with some of them. Some reviews sites require manual approval by the moderator for each public posts by the public. This means that only posts which the moderator likes or is biased against will be published. This will definitely not show a true and fair review of the instructors.

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